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Where does a savvy investor start when it comes to tapping into the unique dynamic that is UK Residential Property?

Real Estate has always had a place in the investment portfolio of the seasoned investor – the investor who understands the benefits of asset diversification, the risk-reward payoff and the need for capital appreciation and yield. Sitting alongside the more traditional investments such as equities, bonds or private equity, Real Estate – particularly Residential Real Estate – can play a pivotal role. Yet many investors struggle to access quality Real Estate investments, those which require local knowledge, relationships built over time and expertise. That’s where Axion Property Partners can help.

We use our financial investment expertise, real estate experience and extensive network to filter through the noise.

Combining over a decade of investment management and banking experience, financial modelling and risk management insight, we provide access to a nationwide network spanning the UK and Ireland. Axion Property Partners is the firm you want by your side when making UK residential investments.


Opportunities evaluated annually

less than 20%

Of investments liked by Axion

£500K - £5M

Investor equity investment size

Over £100M

Appraised transaction value

To see our track record and the past performance of investments we have selected, click HERE to register.

We offer transparent and efficient access to unique, high-quality property investment opportunities that are focused on providing affordable housing in the UK.

Facilitating efficient and hassle-free investments into a diversified mix of UK residential investment opportunities. Ranging from commercial conversions of offices to apartments, to derelict land transformed into family homes, to unused airspace converted into habitable dwellings and other opportunities. We focus on identifying the opportunities that work for investors whilst at the same time enabling the provision of affordable housing, which the UK so desperately needs.



Via 1st or 2nd charge or restriction *

12-24 months

Average term of an investment

1,000 units

Targeted number of affordable units created per year

* Exact type of security offered will be project dependent

Why work with Axion Property Partners?

The current dynamics of the UK residential property market present investors with attractive and differentiated investment opportunities.

UK residential real estate has historically produced attractive returns relative to other asset classes. Whilst current market sentiment seems to indicate a slowdown in some parts of the UK residential property market, other parts present opportunities, which could continue this trend of outperformance. With c.23m residential homes in the UK, but a shortfall of c. 300,000 homes annually, there is a high demand for affordable homes, creating attractive investment opportunities. As a tangible asset offering valuable portfolio diversification, real estate can provide both cash flow and capital appreciation. In addition, having an investment that’s asset-backed provides a level of security that some other asset classes can’t offer. Property investments also allow for various tax efficiencies.


Annual shortfall of UK homes 1


UK Property returns 2000 – 2017 2


FTSE All Share returns 2000 – 2017 3


FTSE 100 returns 2000 – 2017 3

1 Source:
2 Source: Nationwide House Price Index
3 Source: Bloomberg

Work alongside Axion Property Partners, in a manner to suit your goals and personal requirements.

We provide a personalised, high-quality service. We work directly with you to understand your individual needs and requirements so as to provide access to the right investments for you.

We help to oversee progress of the underlying projects, from the very initial stages until the end, providing a range of services along the way. This means you can be as hands-off or as involved as your time and inclination allow.

Complete facilitation and oversight support of projects from beginning to end

A single point of contact, facilitating efficient information flow

Streamlining of document availability and document completion

Regular updates,
meetings and calls

Axion Property Partners is the firm you want by your side, when you make your property investment decisions.

Our Mission

To build strong relationships and enable delivery of impressive risk-adjusted investor returns through high-quality, affordable, UK residential property developments.

Our Vision

To help provide the funding property developers need to build affordable new homes, maximise land potential and accommodate the growing housing needs of the UK.

Our Values

Commitment and transparency to our clients. Excellence and professionalism in all that we do. Ethical behaviour, always.

Experience a better way to invest into UK residential Real Estate.